Inmate-release problems said to be jeopardizing public safety – Politics – CBC News

Shoddy paperwork, poor communications and haphazard help for inmates are jeopardizing public safety and compromising the successful reintegration of prisoners back to the street, an internal audit has found.

The review of Correctional Service of Canada’s release process flags a number of problems and policy breaches when offenders — including high-profile and high-risk criminals — are released from custody, such as the proper notification of key stakeholders such as parole officers, police and victims.

While protocols are in place to ensure the “adequate and effective release” of offenders, they aren’t always followed. The audit reveals widespread problems ranging from crucial information missing from files to offenders being released without the resources or documentation that would facilitate a successful transition.

An internal audit of the federal prison system’s process for releasing inmates has found problems that jeopardize public safety and compromise successful reintegration of offenders back into society. (Lars Hagberg/Canadian Press)

“Without proper resources such as medication supplies or proper documentation, such as identification card or health insurance card, offenders’ reintegration into the community may be jeopardized,” the audit warns.

via Inmate-release problems said to be jeopardizing public safety – Politics – CBC News.


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